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Bonnier AB (Swedish pronunciation: [ˈbʊ̂nːiːr]), also the Bonnier Group, is a privately held Swedish media group of 175 companies operating in 15 countries. It is controlled by the Bonnier family.

A former employee mentioned, "If you decide to take a job with Bonnier you must be crazy. Very bad management, poor working conditions, treat people like dirt."


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Cost-cutting measures have been taken too far to please the Bonniers in Sweden. Great magazine titles are being completely shut down -- why not keep these titles for digital, at least? Morale is in the toilet, and while a commitment to digital is often talked about, it doesn't always happen."

Former Intern - Intern says

"Downsizing quickly and often. Lots of turn over in my short time there."

Marketing Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"miserable place, no growth, unfriendly environment. very small office and not a place to learn or grow. old fashioned mind set and not caring about employees. management is horrible and there are no checks and balances between departments. unstable job security. Cons: no advancement, company failing, unstable"

Manager (Current Employee) says

"My experience with the head of Marketing has been awful. A total lack of acumen in roles and responsibities regarding traditional marketing and communication duties. Yes, added requirements are normal but the head of Marketing does not have even the basic knowledge of roles. Turn over is high, building out campaigns/initiatives are low. Cons: knowledge of integrated marketing"

Production Manager (Former Employee) says

"Company recently laid off 70 people, and I was one of them. Loved what I did in my production manager role, but no future with Bonnier. Company is doing poorly financially and not sure if the company will be closed by the end of 2018. Cons: Company is doing poorly financially. Company may be closing by the end of 2018"

Web Designer (Former Employee) says

"Bonnier's European divisions function under a much more enlightened management structure that values and nurtures employees. Unfortunately, the US division is still saddled with some management relics from its original North American acquisition. The result, as others have pointed out, is a combination of casual, almost negligent attention to some aspects of operation, coupled with a fear-based approach to job security and revenue expectations. If you are looking for a career start, it's a decent place toget your feet wet, then move on, but job satisfaction and long-term career opportunities will remain limited so long as current management team lingers. Situation is made worse by shrinking margins in traditional print business and slow adoption of best practices for online divisions. Ongoing series of unannounced layoffs has lowered employee morale, but until economy improves, they will likely be able to continue to attract, exploit and discard their lower to mid level employees. Cons: easy to get fired, shrinking opportunities for advancement, tremendous pressure to meet unreasonable revenue goals to offset other losses"

Anonymous (Former Employee) says

"Let’s just say that there is a reason this company went under. It was good for awhile but their parent company in Sweden should’ve pulled out of the US or gone straight digital long ago."

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Bonnier Corp has many great people creating great magazines and programs but the people are not valued and there have been layoffs (or entire department outsourcing) every year since 2008. Part of the problems are industry issues, but the culture is nonexistent, the people that are left are overworked and still in fear for their jobs, most people have serious doubts about CEOs leadership ability, and morale is very low."

N/A (Current Employee) says

"The day was usually spent either fixing another's errors or trying to find someone (anyone) who actually had an answer. Cons: Fear, pay rates, bad management, over-reaching expectations."

Editor (Former Employee) says

"Best suited for those looking to break into the industry. Not ideal for those wanting to push boundaries. Cons: Poor Management"

Project Manager and Producer, Men's Group (Former Employee) says

"Management does not recognize employee value, focusing on internal relationships at the cost of work product."

Employee (Former Employee) says

"When it's good, it's good but it turned bad quick in 2017. The company is unstable and layoffs were frequent at the end. Management does not have a clear direction for the company in the digital-media landscape. There are too many advertisements on the brand websites and digital audience numbers are dropping, with no clear answers from leadership except to ramp up the unappealing advertising to fulfill widening revenue gaps between actual and projected results.There's no sign that the layoffs and restructuring will stop. Cons: Bad Management, No Direction or Leadership"

Print/Online (Former Employee) says

"The collection of talented, dedicated people make time at Bonnier extremely enjoyable, however there's an overarching fear tactic used by upper management. It's made very clear that people are nothing more than numbers, so make sure your job is tied to revenue. It's a great place to gain experience, but they'll try and fool you into thinking a promotion is always just around the corner, where in reality it's just another set of responsibilities with no additional compensation. You'll feel like you're always on the precipice of greatness... but nothing actually evolves or changes there due to a very thin layer of print-dinosaur upper management. Cons: high turnover, no advancement, impossible workloads, fear tactics"

Order Entry and Billing Associate (Former Employee) says

"Overall, I enjoyed my time there. Bonnier had its ups and downs like any other organzaition. The first half of my employment was wonderful, but after some of the supervisors had either retired or been let go, the culture greatly shifted for the worse. I would've eventually ended up leaving, but was laid off before I had the opportunity. Cons: Over emphasis on mistakes you made, but little to emphasis on the things you did right"

Support at Bonnier (Current Employee) says

"Decent benefits and pay. Mgt shows favoritism - great if you're looking for a "buddy" and the different departments don't mingle much so it's a lot like cliques in high school; fun, right? Cons: little concern for morale or employee relations"

Anonymous (Current Employee) says

"Massive layoffs just occurred. The environment has everyone wondering if/when they will be laid off as well. People are wearing numerous hats to cover the work of those laid off."

Marketing (Current Employee) says

"Bonnier and the individual brands within the company are striving for growth and innovation in an increasingly cluttered environment for content producers/publishers. I enjoy the freedom to be creative and solution-oriented without layers of approval or corporate red tape, the opportunity to make and commit to important decisions, and to test new ideas in real time. I struggle to work with the limited resources of a company that is not quite as innovative as it wants to be, as well as the demand of several job responsibilities rolled into a single position. My co-workers are hard-working, passionate, collaborative, supportive, and genuinely good people."

Marketing Designer (Former Employee) says

"Although it had a great atmosphere and great management, it is very unstable. It was a great environment however. Management and HR were fabulous and a pleasure to work for. Cons: Unstable work and layoffs"

Advertising Specialist (Current Employee) says

"Great work environment but upper management lacks leadership and direction."

Marketing (Former Employee) says

"I enjoyed working at Bonnier. I liked the people and the culture, but it was an unstable environment and I constantly worried about my job security. Easy to get promoted, but compensation is low."

Sales Assistant-Corporate-Technology Group (Former Employee) says

"Nice relaxing Job. They treat there employee good.Nice people there"

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